Tinashe Jaricha

Hi friend and welcome, so excited to have you here (happy dance)!
So here’s a few details you may want to know about me. First l will tell you that l ’m not a preacher and definitely not a perfect person (my family and friends will shout a big amen to that, lol). Who l am is a child of God saved by His grace, sharing what God has taught and is teaching me through the Holy Bible. I’m also a loving mom and wife. I’m funny and love me a good laugh yet I can be serious when l need to be.
My prayer as you read this blog is that you will experience the full power and presence of God daily- beyond the church service, retreats and conferences. You can expect me to share my real and honest journey as a Christian striving to live a Godly life (with all the ups and downs this involves). I truly hope l can encourage you to know God more deeply as He guides you through all aspects of your life. Together, l pray we will find the deepest longings of our hearts-real love, joy and peace in our ever present God.
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God bless you!

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